Are you an internet marketer or online marketer?

There are a number of great mobile apps available for internet marketers that help you do your job better and faster. These mobile apps allow you to get the most out of your iPhone or Android and do your work on the go.

I should know because I use most of these apps every day and they have really helped me increase my productivity so that I get can more work done in less time, quickly and efficiently.

Here’s a look at the top 5 mobile apps for internet marketers…

Dropbox – Dropbox is the best app for file management. With Dropbox, you can save all of your files, images, documents, videos and more on the Cloud at a very affordable cost. You can also preview your images and documents and share the link to a folder with anyone online. Once you save a file on Dropbox, you can access it on any device or laptop. Also, there is absolutely no risk of losing any file, even if your device gets damaged or lost.

Tweetbot – Twitter is a great tool for business, make no mistake about that. Yes, it is easy to get carried away by all the politics on Twitter, but there is a big world on Twitter beyond the constant political battle between supporters and detractors of President Trump, believe it or not! As an internet marketer, I spend a lot of time on social media marketing and Twitter is an important part of that. To save time, I use mobile apps such as Tweetbot which allows me to organize my feed more efficiently, and automates the process of sending out tweets at regular intervals.  Also, with Tweetbot, I can engage with my followers more effectively and respond to them much faster.

Flow for Instagram – I have found Instagram as one of the best social networks for small business owners. As a heavy Instagram user, I have found that the Instagram feed doesn’t look all that great on iPad; it doesn’t render as well on iPad as it does on an iPhone or Android. Is there a better way to do it? Yes, download the app Flow for Instagram. This has a display specifically for iPad which allows you to browse Instagram, comment, like stuff or follow anyone without a hitch, the same as you would on an iPhone or Android device.

Mention – Online reputation management is one of the most important things that an internet marketer or a social media marketer has to look at. You must know in real time as to what people are saying about your business or brand on the social media. Remember – negativity spreads like wildfire on the social media. So if someone says something that doesn’t project your business in the right manner, you should respond immediately and try to resolve the problem. Social media monitoring apps like Mention allow you to do that. Mention searches for any mention made about your brand on various social networks and alerts you immediately, in real time. This way you will be able to respond immediately and take effective action before things turn bad.

Quora – I have found Quora to be an indispensable tool for lead generation. The Quora community is large and growing. Every internet marketer has to be on Quora and engage with this community by providing answers to the questions asked by members. This way, you will not only help people, solve their problem, inform them, but also get them interested in your products or services, without appearing too salesmanlike.

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