What does it take to run a successful marketing campaign? How to make it big as an internet marketer or affiliate marketer?

Truth be told, there is no exact science to marketing. There is no way to tell whether your marketing campaign will succeed or fail, even if you follow the best practices.

But your chances of succeeding will be a lot more provided you follow the basic rules of marketing, called as the four Ps. By the four Ps, I mean product, price, placement, and promotion. The four Ps have been used by the best internet marketers for years and they have helped many earn a substantial income. Let’s talk about them in detail.


Which product are you promoting? That is very much at the heart of your marketing campaign and makes all the difference between success and failure. Have you done your homework on the product? Do you know exactly what you’re looking for?

You have to find a way to stand out from the competition, but how? As an affiliate marketer, choose a product that is in demand, but not so much that almost everyone is selling it.

Sell a relatively new product that fulfills a valuable need; solves a problem and for which there is a lot of demand. Being the first mover certainly helps.


You know which product you’re going to sell; but what about the price? If you’re selling your own products, then it is important to set the right price for it.

If the price if too high, you will end up alienating your potential buyers. But if it is too low, then your customers will wonder about its quality. Find the right balance; set a good price for your product, one that even the most budget conscious buyer wouldn’t mind. At the same time, the price should be high enough to allay doubts that it could be a knockoff.


The key to any marketing campaign is where and how you’re going to place the products for sale. Are you going to sell the product exclusively through the social media? Have you considered Google AdWords? What about Bing? Make sure that your product gets the highest possible visibility from your target audience.


How are you going to promote the product? You should make use of content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, YouTube marketing and a whole lot of other techniques. Content is very important to any marketing campaign. If you want to win the game of marketing, then focus 100% on the content. This means creating compelling promotional videos, blog posts, and infomercials.

These are the 4 Ps of marketing. Take time to study them well and develop a strategy that works. You won’t get it right the first time, nobody does – most people learn on the job, with every marketing campaign.

As an affiliate marketer, I follow the 4Ps every time. You’re welcome to get in touch with me to know more about this. Just drop your questions in the comments below.

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