One of the best ways to make money online is from blogging. People have been making money from blogging ever since Google came up with AdSense.

Google AdSense is a great way to monetize the traffic to your site. But that’s not the only way – affiliate marketing is even more effective as a way to make money from your blog.

In this quick guide to monetizing your blog, you will learn the absolute basics of making money from your blog. This is by no means an exhaustive step-by-step guide – for that, you will need to do a lot more research, but should be good enough to get you on your way.

 First, let’s start with the basics – what’s a blog?

A blog is basically a weblog with content that is updated on a regular basis. It may be described as a magazine that you publish online, where you share your opinion, your expertise, and knowledge of things that you’re good at, promote products and services of other businesses or develop your own personal brand.

Things to know when starting a blog…

A good blog is one that is consistent, has great content and gives the audience exactly what they are looking for. If you want to create a blog like that, then you should, first of all, know who your audience is going to be and create content specifically for them.

Remember: You don’t blog for yourself, your blog for a target audience. If you only blog for yourself, you will never make any money out of it. If you want to make money from your blog, you should treat it as a business. A business can only be profitable if it solves a problem or provides value to customers. It is the same with a blog.

 You should think like an entrepreneur, more than just as a blogger. Follow the tips given here for monetizing your blog….

 #1: Build an audience first.

You cannot make money from your blog unless you have a big enough audience for it. Building a loyal readership is essential to your success. You have to earn the trust of your visitors, and you can only do this by providing them with valuable content, that inspires, motivates, informs and entertains.

#2: Earn your visitors’ trust.

Don’t spam your visitors with too many ads, that will put them off. Give them something for free, such as a free downloaded PDF eBook. Use the blog to promote products and services of other businesses to earn an affiliate income – but at the same time, be very honest about your intentions. Add a disclaimer about being an affiliate of such and such company. So if you’re an Amazon affiliate, be sure to mention that.

#3: Focus on a niche.

If you really want to stand out in the crowd you have to pick a niche within a niche and put all of your energy behind that. There is an audience for every niche and every category, you just have to pick one for yourself and excel at that. For example, if you want to blog about books, pick a specific niche within that such as business books.

 #4: Don’t be afraid to invest some money.

It’s tempting to get everything done for free, but if you are serious about blogging, you should be professional about it. Pick up a catchy, interesting domain name, choose a good web hosting company and use WordPress as your platform. Hire a professional website developer to build your site for you and give it a unique and attractive look.

#5: Content, it’s all about the content.

The success of your blog will depend on the content. Your content should be informative, educational, entertaining and fun to read. It should be unique and original. It should inspire and motivate your audience and establish you as an authority within your niche. Also, it should have a great call to action at the end.

These are just the basics of monetizing your blog. Stay tuned for more great tips and advice on making money online.