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No matter how many beaches I walk down the one in  Costa Rica is one of my favorites. The sand underneath your feet is so soft it feels like paradise, great for surfing and diving or great for finding that perfect quiet spot to relax.

ATV Rides and Horseback Rides in the Jungle

I love the never-ending activities, friendly people, beautiful beaches and a never seen before wildlife!

Our group of Online Marketers was super fun. We all had a great time learning new online strategies but that’s not all! We all had an amazing time doing these rides through the forest.

First, we joined a horseback riding activity and walked around Pacific ocean and then we ended our day with a challenging ATV ride throughout the forest. It was a great experience and I can only do the things in my life thanks to my 21 Steps Program.


Warning! For adrenaline junkies only! Not for the faint-hearted or excessively delicate, bungee jumping has earned its place in the top ten of the most favorite extreme sports.

You can experience the breath-taking feeling of free falling from a height of 265 feet, with your lungs filled up with high altitude air making your lungs explode with excitement while being held upside down by nothing more than a rubber band! If you’ve never been bungee jumping in Costa Rica before that’s definitely one of the things you’ll never forget! This is only one of the many amazing things to do in Costa Rica to make your friends envious of your vacation!

Whether you are 8 or 80, it can satisfy the heart of any thrill seekers of all ages.

I’ll definitely remember this as one of the craziest and most exhilarating adventures so far!

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